Las chicas limonadas Girls Private Uncensored Tape Goes Viral on Twitter

Las chicas limonadas Girls Private Uncensored Tape Goes Viral on Twitter

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You’ve certainly heard of Las Chicas Limonada, sometimes referred to as the Lemonade Girls, a famous duo who became well-known by selling lemonade on the streets of Barranquilla, Colombia’s Simón Bolvar district. To be more accurate, it’s their physical qualities, not the taste of the drink, that have made them so well-liked. Customers wanted to observe them at work rather than purchasing drinks.

As a result, they gain notoriety and take pleasure in their popularity and commercial success. After an intimate film dubbed “Video De Chicas Limonada Barranquilla” was uploaded online, their reputation has recently come under threat. After being leaked on Telegram at first, the video then surfaced on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms.

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A video dubbed “Video De Las Chicas Limonada” has been trending online, as was already announced. The internet community wants to see the video, but they can’t find the link to it. While some assert that the girl in the video is not them and only bears a resemblance to them, others accuse them of using the media stunt as yet another way to boost their sales and company.


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