WWE Has Been Crudely Editing Mercedes Mone Out Of Archive Footage Again

WWE Has Been Crudely Editing Mercedes Mone Out Of Archive Footage Again

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It’s a funny old place, WWE. WWE will make an effort to act as if a wrestler who performs elsewhere and quits the organization doesn’t exist. In fact, it will attempt to rewrite history and make it appear as though that wrestler—even while they were a WWE Superstar—never existed at all. especially if the wrestler is able to depart from the organization on their own terms. Consider Sasha Banks, who has been competing under the name Mercedes Mone ever since she formally left the WWE.

Editing Around Mercedes Mone

Mone caused a stir in the wrestling world last week when footage of her watching the action at AEW All In went viral. It appears that this served as a reminder to WWE that it no longer likes Mone and that it must go above and above to urge people not to think about her. When displaying Bayley’s heel turn from 2018 on social media, a scene in which Mone had an important role as Banks, it accomplished this by clumsily editing around Mone.

In the video, Bayley is seen using a steel chair to strike Becky Lynch. She initially struggles to accept this new side of herself but eventually beams in the end. That’s made easier by the person she continues turning to off-camera for support. However, everyone who recalls that moment—and since it was a big thing and only happened recently, many people do—knows that the person Bayley kept turning to wasn’t off-camera at all.

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The Fans Remember

WWE has performed this action before. Before editing Mone from some old video and deleting her from a WWE Top 10 of Paige’s best moments, it didn’t even wait for Mone to formally quit the company. An intriguing decision considering that Paige had recently left WWE a month before. Perhaps because she hadn’t yet been in AEW, WWE didn’t feel the need to make an effort to obliterate her from its past.


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