WWE Fan Comes Up With Wild, But Plausible Long-Term Storyline Theory For Karrion Kross

WWE Fan Comes Up With Wild, But Plausible Long-Term Storyline Theory For Karrion Kross

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Karrion Kross has seen a rollercoaster of successes and failures since joining WWE again, and his win-loss record isn’t exactly outstanding. Fans have criticized his return almost immediately, but one fan identified several unreported storylines that WWE could use to explain everything that has been scheduled for him over the past few months.

It’s unclear if WWE originally meant for this to be Kross’ narrative arc, but if there is any concern at all about getting his character over, it makes sense to go in this way. Is there a hidden plot at work here, or is this just a series of unrelated coincidences? In order to demonstrate how well Kross has been carrying out his strategy, the fan sketched out every possible situation.

The Bloodline’s togetherness has been visibly broken since Kross first set the hourglass in front of them. With Jey Uso on Raw, Jimmy fighting for his place in the group on SmackDown, and Solo Sikoa being teased as leaving the group, the once-unstoppable faction appears to be disintegrating. Second, it appears that Kross was successful in removing Drew McIntyre’s temperament as he had promised. McIntyre willingly gave up his connection with Sheamus for his own benefit, and it appears that he may be about to become a villain.

Another vow Kross made was to steal Madcap Moss’s happiness, which he achieved as Madcap Moss reverted to a more sober version of Riddick Moss and hasn’t appeared on Raw or SmackDown in a while. He continues by saying that Kross targeted Rey Mysterio and vowed to lose patience with him. Mysterio broke his promise to never fight his son Dominik and did so in the end. Kross threatened to steal Shinsuke Nakamura’s honor in one of the more recent modifications, and Nakamura afterwards betrayed Seth Rollins. Then, in a coded statement, Kross informed AJ Styles that “A prophet is nothing without his disciples… You’ll soon observe. Since then, tensions and conflicts inside AJ Styles and The OC have arisen.

Is Kross Accomplishing His Mission?

The question that arises is whether these occurrences are simple coincidences that fans have made links to or if they are a part of a meticulously plotted storyline. However, WWE has demonstrated they can write strong long-term drama with The Bloodline, and the responses to the Facebook post appear to all say WWE isn’t smart enough to have recognized these things could be woven into a narrative that makes sense for Kross.

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Karrion Kross’s WWE path has had many twists and turns, but one thing is indisputably true: whether on purpose or by accident, his presence in the wrestling industry has unquestionably stirred interest and discourse within the WWE Universe.


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