WWE And LA Knight Are Still Far Apart On New Deal Terms

WWE And LA Knight Are Still Far Apart On New Deal Terms

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In case you hadn’t noticed, LA Knight is currently quite well-liked among WWE fans. You might speculate that WWE either is unaware of this or, more likely, doesn’t want to. The two parties are discussing a new agreement, which would bind Knight to the promotion for the following five years, according to a report that surfaced last week. Since that story, additional information has surfaced showing the parties are still at odds over what they expect from the agreement. In addition, it appears that Knight’s push is not contingent on whether he signs the contract.

No New Deal For Knight Yet

The updated information was provided by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful (via WrestlingNews.co). Sapp alleges that despite negotiations between Knight and WWE for a new contract, the parties have been unable to come to an agreement on its value. Knight undoubtedly wants a compensation that accurately matches the enthusiastic response he receives from fans whenever his music is played.

According to the same article, a WWE executive maintains there is no basis for the notion that if Knight pledges his future to the organization, he will receive the boost fans have been clamoring for. If you’re a fan of the Knight, that can be interpreted both positively and badly. Knight is either already bumping up against his ceiling and will never rise higher, or he might get a stronger push at any moment regardless of his contract situation.

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Knight Isn’t Going Anywhere

Don’t be alarmed if you’re scared that Knight might suddenly vanish now. The contract Knight presently has doesn’t expire until 2025, despite the fact that he and WWE are in the process of negotiating a new one. That is probably the main factor preventing agreement between the two parties at this time. There is no need for any party to rush into anything for perhaps the next 12 months as long as Knight remains steadfast in his demands and WWE does not budge on its offer.

That being said, it will be interesting to see how it plays out on television if this does continue on. No matter how much WWE executives claim that Knight will be pushed, it will be simpler to push someone who has a long-term commitment to the organization. Whether Knight signs a new contract or not, I have my doubts about where he stands with WWE. Despite his popularity, it still seems very unlikely that he will ever be the WWE World Champion, maybe only a mid-card title.



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