The Legacy & Tragic Death Of The WWE Wrestler Umaga, Explained

The Legacy & Tragic Death Of The WWE Wrestler Umaga, Explained

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The professional wrestling business is one that gives fans a lot of joy, providing an escape and entertainment (most of the time, at least), but it is also one that has seen a lot of tragedy occur over the years. There are innumerable instances of wrestlers being taken from us far too soon in every generation and era. Umaga, often known as “The Samoan Bulldozer”, tragically died at an early age—just 36—and was a young man. WWE barely acknowledged his passing at the time, and has only made cursory mention of it subsequently, which has left some fans wondering about the circumstances of his dying.

Umaga’s WWE Career Ended In An Unsavory Manner

Umaga is one of several professional wrestlers that are descended from the illustrious Anoa’i Family, which now includes stars like Roman Reigns, The Usos, and Solo Sikoa on the WWE main roster, as well as others like Rikishi, The Rock, and more who are also in some way related to this lineage. He debuted on the WWE main roster as Jamal in 2002, joining forces with his cousin Rosey to form the tag team 3-Minute Warning. Although it was brief, the act was highly entertaining because he was freed a year later.

Umaga made a repackaged comeback after taking a break from WWE. In addition to speaking no English, he was more of a beast who communicated by attacking those who got in his way. He was a genuinely domineering figure, and he nailed the part with an in-ring manner that was ideal for the person he was portraying. He began a streak of victories that John Cena eventually put a halt to after a bloody and heated argument. He was among the first “Super Cena” era fatalities, although he continued to be a powerful midcarder and won the Intercontinental Championship.

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Umaga’s time with the WWE became somewhat clouded in 2009. As a result of the effects of his inner demons, he again broke WWE’s wellness policy. He didn’t enroll in rehab, though, and as a result, WWE decided to terminate his contract in June. His final encounter, which took place in November, would be his last in the independent sector. Unfortunately, Umaga died the next month.

Umaga Passed Away At The Age Of 36

On December 4, Umaga’s wife discovered him. Despite their best efforts, paramedics were unable to resuscitate him. He was said to have had a heart attack, and although it was determined that his heart had been restarted, a second heart attack made matters worse, and he was ultimately declared dead. Unfortunately, the outcome of this was a direct result of many of the problems with substance misuse that had led to the termination of his WWE career.

Over time, many professional wrestlers have struggled with substance abuse. This is often attributed to the demanding travel schedule and constant punishment the body endures as a result of the numerous bumps in the road. As a result, wrestlers often turn to dubious methods of coping. Umaga was no different than wrestlers in the past like Jeff Hardy, Sting, and Eddie Guerrero, and there have been many more instances of wrestlers getting themselves into trouble.

Substance Abuse And Heart Disease Led To Umaga’s Death

The toxicology findings in Umaga’s case shed significant light on Umaga’s cause of death. According to Bleacher Report, three different medicines, including diazepam (an anxiety medication) and oxycodone (a painkiller and muscle relaxant), were discovered in his system. He also had a failing liver and hypertensive cardiovascular disease, according to the autopsy. His drug use throughout the years combined with his damaged heart caused his body to weaken at such a young age.

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Umaga was not under contract with WWE at the time, and it is possible that this contributed to the way of his death, therefore the company’s response was minimal and consisted of a brief statement. “WWE sends its sincere sympathies to Mr. Fatu’s family, friends, and supporters on their awful loss. Mr. Fatu performed most recently as “Umaga” while Mr. Fatu was under contract with WWE at various points in time. On June 11, 2009, Mr. Fatu’s contract was terminated. It was a pretty unusual statement, and it seemed strange to bring up the contract problem. WWE did not pay him any respects, which is unfortunate given how well-liked and charismatic he was. Regardless, his passing was

Umaga’s Son Is Continuing His Legacy

Although Umaga passed away in 2009, his son has now entered the professional wrestling business, carrying on his father’s tradition. The Anoa’i Family has added another member to this illustrious and prosperous wrestling dynasty, wrestling under the name Zilla Fatu. After receiving his debut from WWE Hall of Famer Booker T earlier this year, he participated in the Reality of Wrestling Summer of Champions event. He confessed to MuscleManMalcolm that he was nervous beforehand;

“I was very anxious before starting it. I was quite anxious and simply wanted things to be secure and without any hiccups. God was good to me, and today went without a hitch, but I still think I could have done a lot better. To Fighftul,

On his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T talked about his debut and how he sensed Umaga’s ghost sitting next to him as he watched his son compete.

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Booker said, “You could sense his dad in the arena. You could definitely sense his father in the arena, I swear to god. His father was seated directly next to me, as I could see. On Saturday night, I felt his presence in the arena, and I believe Zilla also sensed a small amount of it. the Metro

Hearing something like that is truly rare, and it just serves to highlight the influence Umaga had on his fellow wrestlers, including Booker T, who collaborated with Umaga in WWE back when the two competed full-time in the business.

Umaga Had An Impact On His Family Members

In terms of his other family, members of the Anoa’i bloodline have told tales about their ancestor. The “Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns revealed in an interview with Inked Magazine from back in 2020 that Umaga, who also assisted Reigns in connecting with the best tattoo artists, is the inspiration behind his renowned tribal ink.

Everything is focused on our cousin Eki Umaga. He was a prominent WWE Superstar at the time, and although he died far too soon, he was the inspiration behind our decision to be inked. He was getting a lot of work done at the time thanks to a lady in Pensacola who was sort of connecting him up and offering him occasional discounts. He was merely demonstrating various patterns and attempting to inform her of our culture, norms, patterns, and sequences that essentially fit together.

It is always comforting to hear even mundane tales like this about a deceased person because they provide a human face to someone who appeared to be larger than life on the WWE screen, particularly when he competed as the Umaga persona.





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