Rhea Ripley’s WWE Payback Gear Was An Incredibly Accurate Homage To Chyna

Rhea Ripley's WWE Payback Gear Was An Incredibly Accurate Homage To Chyna

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On Saturday, Payback made its first appearance on WWE’s premium live event schedule since 2020. Plenty of good matches, a development in the plot, and even a title change were present, albeit it may not be one of the most ground-breaking programs in history. Rhea Ripley successfully defended the Women’s World Championship against Raquel Rodriguez, so she avoided losing her championship.

An Homage To Chyna

Since the game, many fans have commented on how wonderful Ripley looked performing it, and there’s a very excellent reason why. The Nightmare opted to honor Chyna, whose example she is very much following, by donning her ring gear. Ripley’s black leather studded attire at Payback not only looked similar to the in-ring attire Chyna may very well be most recognized for, but you’d be excused for believing it was the same costume.

Ripley has the same three straps crossing her midriff, and the design appears to be identical. The shoulder straps are the only significant distinction between the two ensembles. Chyna’s were constructed from interconnected metal chain links, as opposed to Ripley’s, which were formed of the same material as the rest of the equipment.

Chyna’s Family Approves

Because this is wrestling, and evidently even someone trying to pay tribute to a performer they adore is seen as a terrible thing by others, the responses to Ripley’s homage have been divided. Some fans took the chance to tell Ripley that they don’t believe she will ever be on the same level as Chyna. Chyna’s family, who continue to manage the late Hall of Famer’s Twitter account, informed Ripley that Chyna would have enjoyed it just as much as they did.

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It’s understandable to draw analogies between Chyna and Ripley even if the former doesn’t typically try to assert that she is superior to the latter. Both are strong female athletes making waves in a traditionally male-dominated field. Both have fought guys in the WWE before, most notably during Ripley’s Payback. By spearing Kevin Owens through the barrier, the Women’s Champion made it possible for the other members of Judgment Day to win the Tag Team Championships.


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