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How to Clear Cache on Android TV [Quick Guide]

How to Clear Cache on Android TV [Quick Guide]

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If you’ve been streaming on your Android TV for a while, then there must be a lot of cache files on your device. The performance of the TV as a whole could be impacted by cache files. To improve the performance of your Android TV, it is preferable to remove the cache files.

Your device’s overall storage capacity can be increased by clearing the cache files on Android TV. Similar to how cleaning the app’s individual cache data improves the app’s overall performance. Additionally, if you frequently clean the cache on your device after downloading an excessive number of apps, the device will function more efficiently.

The steps for clearing the cache on Android TV are covered in this post. If you’ve downloaded a lot of apps recently, follow the instructions below to delete the app’s cache data.

When Can You Clear the Cache on Android TV

  • In the event that you have downloaded and utilized numerous apps often on Android TV, you can delete the cache.
  • After any system update that leaves your device with an excessive amount of cache data, make sure to empty the cache.
  • You can erase the app’s cache data if you are experiencing any problems streaming that particular app.
  • When you notice that your gadget is performing slowly, you can delete its cache.
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How to Remove the Cache on Android TV

1. Click the Settings button on the Android home screen.

2. Select the Storage option under Device Preferences.

Hit the Device Preferences on Android TV

3. Select the Internal Shared Storage menu item labeled Cached Data.

Tap the Cached Data on Android TV

4. In the first window, select OK, then select OK once again to confirm.

How to Clear Cache Data of Apps on Android TV

1. On the home screen of the Android TV, click the Settings button in the upper right corner.

2. A list of recently used apps will appear when you tap the Apps menu in step two.

Hit the Apps option

3. Select Show System Apps or Apps from the See All menu.

4. Select the required app to empty its cache.

5. Select Clear Cache and then touch OK.

Click on Clear Cache on Android TV

6. Select Clear Data to erase the app’s data, then select OK to finish.

How to Delete Cache Data of App from the Home Screen

Even from the home screen of the Android TV, you can remove the app’s cache.

1. On the Android TV remote, press the All Apps button.

2. Select the program whose cache and data you want to remove.

3. Hold down the OK button while waiting for the pop-up menu to appear.

4. From the pop-up menu, select Info.

Click the Info option

5. Select the Clear App Data and Clear Cache buttons.v

Alternate Way to Clear Cache on Android TV

Uninstalling the unnecessary apps from your TV device is an alternative method for clearing the cache files. You can do this to make room for more storage on your TV.

  • Tap All Apps on the remote control. Select the preferred app. Click OK to uninstall.
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How to clear the Phillips TV cache?

Go to Home screen > Library > System > Storage > Internal Shared Storage > Cached Data > OK to delete the Phillips TV cache.

How to clear the app cache on a Samsung Smart TV?

On a Samsung Smart TV, going to TV Settings will allow you to delete the app’s cache. Select the chosen app, view its details, clear the cache, and then click the Close button under Settings Support Device Care Manage Storage.







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