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How to Change Skype Username [Two Methods]

How to Change Skype Username [Two Methods]

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Concerned about a questionable Skype username? The ability to modify your Skype username is a brand-new function. Both the app and the web allow for doing this. You must either establish a new account or change your email address in order to modify your Skype username.

If you aren’t using the account’s linked email, you can alter your user name. Your friends will find your account on Skype easier if you change the username. The Skype username and the Skype display name are entirely distinct. The former is simple to change on your app and website.

The procedure for changing your Skype username has been explained in this post. If you want to alter your Skype display name, follow the thorough instructions listed below.

How to Change Skype Username on the Web

You must either establish a new account or change your email address in order to modify your Skype username.

1. Open a PC browser and go to the official Skype website (

2. Log in to Skype using the necessary information.

Sign in to your Skype account

3. Hover your mouse over your profile photo in the top right corner of the screen.

4. Select the Edit Profile link next to your profile photo.

Hit the Edit Profile option on Skype website

5. Select Edit Profile from the Contact Details menu.

Hit the Edit Profile o change Skype username

6. Type in the new Email address, confirm it, and select Save. In a similar vein, you can modify your Skype password.

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How to Change Skype Username on Smartphone App

Make sure to update the Skype app before continuing.

1. Download the Skype app to your Android or iOS smartphone from the PlayStore or App Store.

2. Utilize the right login information to access your account.

3. Select Contact Details under My Account.

4. Select Edit Profile from the menu, then type the new email address into the Emailbox field.

5. Select OK after pressing the Save button. You’ll receive a prompt. On your screen, it now says, “Congratulations! You just changed your Skype username.”

How to Change Skype Display Name

Changing your Skype Display name on your profile is a simple process. The Display name will also be visible to other callers.

1. Open the Skype app on your mobile device.

2. Select the Skype Profile by clicking the Profile button.

Hit the Profile Picture on Skype

3. Select the Edit option, then modify the Display name.

Hit the Checkboxes near the Skype user name

4. To confirm, choose the checkbox next to the user name.


Can you change your Skype name without making a new account?

No, you must register a new Skype account with a different email address if you want to change your Skype name.

How to Change Your Name With Skype for Business?

Go to Chats Profile Picture Select the Presence Status Skype Profile Profile Picture Edit text Display name to modify your name in Skype for Business. An authorized user may carry it out.



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