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How to Change Location on Badoo to Meet New People in 2023

How to Change Location on Badoo to Meet New People in 2023

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For casual dating and internet friendships, try the free dating app Badoo. The ability to change the location has been added to the Badoo Premium service. This tool can assist you in finding a date if you recently moved to a new area. You can also utilize VPN services when changing your location on the app to preserve your security and privacy.

The Badoo app lets you explore individuals from other cultures and languages by changing your location. You can find out how to use the Badoo app to change your location in this post. To learn how to hide your personal data when using the software, refer to some of the VPN’s details.

How to Change Location on the Badoo App

1. On your smartphone, launch the Badoo app from the Google PlayStore or App Store.

2. Log in to the app with the necessary information.

3. Hover your mouse over the Profile symbol at the bottom of the screen.

Hit the Profile icon

4. Press the Pencil button at the top of the screen.

Click on Pencil icon

5. You can enter a new location or choose one from a drop-down menu in the Location section.

How to Change Location on Badoo Website

1. Visit the official website of Badoo ( from any of the device browsers.

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2. Utilize the necessary information to get into your account.

3. Select the Profile symbol in the top left of the screen by tapping it.

4. To change the location on Badoo, click Location and enter the new location information

Enter the new location on Badoo

How to Change Location on Badoo Using VPN

You can use a VPN provider to change the location on the app if you are unable to do so or if that option is broken. To modify the dating app’s location, we used ExpressVPN. To change the location, utilize your favourite VPN.

1. Sign up at first for a preferred VPN service.

2. Download the ExpressVPN app from the Google Play Store or the App Store to your smartphone or computer.

3. Open the ExpressVPN app on your gadget and sign into your account with the required information.

Sign in to your VPN account

4. Select a server and enter the address you want the Badoo app to show.

set the location

5. To start your VPN session, select Connect in step

6. Open the Badoo app now, and the location you specified in your VPN will be updated there.

Best VPN to Change Location on Badoo

Using a paid VPN service is always advised because they protect your privacy. From the list below, pick a VPN for your device.

Servers 3000+
Countries 94
Price $12.95 per month or $8.32/ month for a year
Concurrent Connections 5
Torrenting Available
Supported Platforms Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Web Browsers, and Routers
24/7 Live Chat Support Yes

Visit the ExpressVPN review section for more information.

Servers 9300+
Countries 91
Price € 11.99 per month, € 2.19 for 2 year+ 2 months and € 6.99 for 6 months
Concurrent Connections 7
Torrenting Available
Supported Platforms Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Gaming Consoles, Android TVs, Web Browser, Apple TV, and Routers
24/7 Live Chat Support Yes
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Visit the CyberGhost VPN review page for more information.

Servers 1300
Countries 75+
Price $11.99 per month
Concurrent Connections 10
Torrenting Available
Supported Platforms Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Chrome, and Fire TV
24/7 Live Chat Support Yes

Visit the IPVanish VPN review page for more information.

Why Can’t You Change the Location on the Badoo App?

Using the location-based dating app Badoo, you may connect with people in your area to chat and go on dates with them. When utilizing the app, GPS is crucial, therefore be sure you turn it on in the Badoo app.

Make cautious not to simultaneously access the Badoo website and mobile app. Your mobile device’s location will be automatically determined using the GPS, which has a poor accuracy rate. Set the location on the app rather than through the browsers on your smartphone.


1. How do I change the language on Badoo?

Go to Settings > Language > Language and Input to change the language on Badoo. Select the language of preference.

2. Does Badoo delete inactive accounts?

Inactive account deletion is not done by Badoo. They can, however, make them inactive, which will prevent anyone from logging in. Your Badoo account can potentially be permanently deleted.

3. How to change the distance on Badoo?

Open the app, select Distance, and then slide to the left to modify the distance on Badoo.


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