Gunther Becomes The Longest-Reigning Intercontinental Champion In History

Gunther Becomes The Longest-Reigning Intercontinental Champion In History

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A momentous incident was witnessed on Monday Night Raw, and it will live on in WWE history. In the evening’s main event, Gunther and Chad Gable engaged in a titanic struggle in which more than just the Intercontinental Championship was on the line. Gunther would surpass the previous record-holder, The Honky Tonk Man, and go down in history as the Intercontinental Champion who reigned for the greatest period of time if he could win the match and keep his championship.

The WWE Universe witnessed a spectacular display of wrestling as the match progressed. Gable came prepared to the ring, supported by his family at ringside and motivated to win the WWE singles championship. Both combatants were putting everything they had into their battle for supremacy, and the intensity was evident. He receives a “Thank YOU!!!” for his efforts even if it wasn’t meant to be.

The stage-setting by WWE for this third and possibly final match between the two guys was excellent. The first match was brief and ended when an overconfident Gunther was taken by surprise. The two men put on a clinic in their rematch to display their skills. Gunther realized he had to take Gable’s challenge seriously, and by doing so, he improved the reputation of the underdog by making him seem good in a victory that didn’t result in a change of the championship.

The third encounter, Monday’s showdown, was a classic that belongs in the company of some of the best matches in the Intercontinental Championship canon. Early on, Gunther established his authority, but in the dramatic last seconds, it appeared that Gable could possibly prevail. Gunther did an excellent job of making it look like he would lose, but he won and kept his title in the end.

This Match Brought Prestige Back To The Intercontinental Championship

Gunther has already done a fantastic job of giving the championship new meaning, but this particular match is right up there among the best ones in the title’s history. The competition had a beginning, middle, and end even though it had fewer than 30 minutes to convey the complete story. It demonstrated how a mid-card feud can be executed flawlessly.


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