Confusion Over Edge’s WWE Status Following Brief Removal From Internal Roster

Confusion Over Edge's WWE Status Following Brief Removal From Internal Roster

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Since Edge recently competed on SmackDown in what might have been his final match for WWE, there has been uncertainty regarding his future. After defeating his close friend Sheamus, Edge made it clear that it would be his final match ever in Toronto, although he did not declare himself permanently done competing in the ring. That fueled speculation that he may join AEW, and despite Edge’s denial of the reports, they have since returned.

Edge Removed From WWE’s Internal Roster

Due to PWInsider’s allegation that Edge had been dropped off WWE’s internal roster, this is the case. Instead of being added to the alumni part of WWE.com, which is often a sign that a Superstar has left the organization, the roster that the company uses to keep tabs on active wrestlers and the brands they compete on is erased. Along with that first news, there was a rumor that some individuals thought the internal roster change suggested Edge may soon turn into All Elite.

Edge had been added back to WWE’s internal roster, but his status had changed, PWInsider reported shortly after that (via F4W Online). Edge is no longer recognized as a WWE current TV talent and is no longer associated with any particular program. The Rated R Superstar is one of the wounded athletes on the internal WWE roster, along with Big E and Braun Strowman. It’s interesting to note that list also includes Stone Cold and The Undertaker.

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A WWE Deal In Edge’s Inbox

This all occurs three weeks after it was alleged that Edge was given a new contract by WWE but declined to sign it. Apparently, that was somewhat accurate. Edge posted a video on social media in which he admitted that the contract extension WWE handed him was sitting in his inbox and that he had not yet made up his mind about signing it. The rumors that Edge said were untrue were that he had chosen his course of action. The Hall of Famer’s move to AEW for his final chapter of his career has been strongly rumored.

My best assumption is that Edge’s status has changed internally at WWE because the contract extension that was sitting in his email has now been signed. The initial deal for the 11-time World Champion was set to expire in September. I’m thinking it hadn’t quite ended, but now that Edge has signed a new contract, his status within the organization has changed, and PWInsider just so happened to notice that transition when it was in the process of occurring.



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