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YouTube Will Now Let You Search For A Song Just By Humming

YouTube Will Now Let You Search For A Song Just By Humming

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Humming a song to find it is not a novel concept for smartphones. It’s important to note that Soundhound and Google Assistant have both been providing this useful feature for a time. Without a doubt, it’s a simple and useful approach to locate a song on your phone if you don’t know anything else about it. Google recently disclosed that it is testing the hum-to-search function on YouTube. Additionally, it is rumored to be working on the capability to record a music that is now playing in order to identify it.

YouTube Is Testing Hum-to-Search Feature

Google claims that in order to activate this feature, you must first switch to YouTube Voice Search. You must then hum or record the music for at least three seconds after that. You will be shown the appropriate YouTube content, such as a user-uploaded video, an official music video, or a brief clip.

The hum-to-search and recording features, according to reports, are reportedly only accessible to a very limited portion of YouTube Android users at the moment. Therefore, if you don’t yet have access to it, don’t worry. The fact that Google is classifying this as a test or experiment is noteworthy in this situation. It implies that significant changes are anticipated before these functionalities are made generally accessible. The search engine behemoth ought to include this function on YouTube Music as well.

Let me tell you that there are now being tested in addition to this YouTube function. A “channel shelf” in the Subscriptions feed is being tested, according to the search engine giant. There are rumors that it will essentially merge several recent uploads from a creator into a “shelf.” Therefore, you won’t always need to go to their channel to see their most recent uploads. Be prepared since Google has been developing several useful features. Your overall platform experience will be enhanced by them for sure.


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