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YouTube Is Making It Harder For You To Skip Ads: Here’s Why?

YouTube Is Making It Harder For You To Skip Ads: Here’s Why?

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YouTube video ads: do you hate them? If the answer is yes, then remain cool because YouTube is about to roll out a sneaky little update that will make you loathe them even more. The most recent sources state that YouTube is now testing a “redesigned” ad skip button. It’s important to note that this Youtube Ad Skip Button is smaller than usual, which makes it more challenging for consumers to see and click on it.

Youtube Ad Skip Button Redesigned

The skip advertisements option is presently being “redesigned,” according to YouTube. It seeks to further reduce the size of the skip button. Additionally, it will be more translucent and feature smaller writing with no capital letters in the word “Ads.” The platform is unmistakably making it more difficult to detect so that YouTube viewers can eventually watch commercials for a longer period of time. It is an easy way to boost YouTube’s ad revenue.

The platform will undoubtedly benefit from this update. It will increase ad view rates, reach, and conversions for the platform. It will boost the platform’s overall revenue and greatly raise the interest of advertisers.

Google is reportedly testing the more compact skip advertisements button. Let’s see how the public reception is when it launches. Every time it does, there will undoubtedly be a response.


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