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X Plans To Roll Out New Way To Display Links Without Any Headline

X Plans To Roll Out New Way To Display Links Without Any Headline

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The company X, formerly known as Twitter and owned by Elon Musk, has some fresh ideas for enhancing the platform’s appearance. The most recent sources state that X is now preparing to introduce a new method of displaying news links without a title or explanation. In a post, the social network will just display the link and the header image.

X Aims To Greatly Improve the Aesthetics of the Platform

This was acknowledged by Elon Musk in a post on Monday. It was coming “directly” from him, he claimed.

According to the current fashion, a Twitter card for a news story or blog post shows the header image, the summary text, and the headline in the post’s preview. However, X/Twitter will only display the image with a link in a post if the requested adjustment is implemented. This means that users will just see the link and the image for that article if a newspaper or blog doesn’t provide any associated text with the link.

The brand-new version aims to lower a post’s stature so that more posts can fit on a single screen. Musk also thinks that taking headlines out of the preview card will cut down on clickbait. Publications or blogs, however, can easily write any content urging readers to click the link without a preview card.

Before December 2014, links and photos posted through the platform’s native service were corrupted by an error on X. Later, the business acknowledged the issue via its platform support account and promised a complete fix in the upcoming days. Additionally, the platform is in the midst of replacing the blocking feature with a new mute option that will allow users to follow someone without being able to connect with them.


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