WWE Posts 35-Minute Video Of Superstars Sharing Memories About Bray Wyatt

WWE Posts 35-Minute Video Of Superstars Sharing Memories About Bray Wyatt

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After Bray Wyatt’s stunning passing last week, many people still don’t believe it really happened. A lantern was carried to the ring during The House of Black’s entrance at All In as a tribute to The Eater of Worlds. On Raw, Seth Rollins substituted a Wyatt sideplate for one of his World Title sideplates. More than 30 minutes worth of tributes from Superstars who spoke to the camera about Wyatt’s significance to them have now been shared by WWE.

WWE’s Video Tributes To Bray Wyatt

The complete 35-minute film is available below; but, as if you needed another warning, it can be extremely difficult to watch at times. While a significant portion of the movie has Superstars reminiscing about Wyatt and telling funny anecdotes about him, most of the while calling to him by his real name Windham Rotunda, there are inevitably times when those who knew the late wrestler well struggle to remain composed.

Beginning the video, Bayley is the first of many people to talk about first meeting Wyatt in FCW, WWE’s developmental division prior to NXT. The first of many people to mention Wyatt’s giggle and how much she will miss it is Bayley. Drew McIntyre also talks a lot about FCW, telling humorous stories about his and Sheamus’s interactions with Wyatt throughout the developmental stage, but he also becomes noticeably emotional near the conclusion, admitting he has trouble finding the right words and that he hasn’t been able to express his feelings via Twitter yet.

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Still Doesn’t Feel Real

Sami Zayn frequently discussed denial, which is probably how many of us are feeling about Wyatt right now. Zayn discusses how it still feels like he hasn’t seen Wyatt for a long in an industry where people may disappear for months or even years at a time and that they’ll run into each other again when they’re drafted on the same show or at the next high-end live event. As he continues, Zayn becomes more upset, possibly as the truth of Wyatt’s passing begins to sink in.

Wyatt’s tributes will keep coming in as we all struggle to accept the reality that he passed away at the young age of 36. Since Wyatt passed away, it has been established that he had a heart attack while he was sleeping. The defibrillator that the physicians had advised Wyatt to wear was left in his car. However, Tony Khan has granted any AEW wrestlers who choose to go permission to miss Dynamite if they need to. A date for Wyatt’s memorial has not yet been announced.


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