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Meta to Launch Web Version of Threads App This Week

Meta to Launch Web Version of Threads App This Week

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Last month, Meta released the X’s competition. The app reached 100 million signups in less than a week. As Twitter users were subjected to stringent usage caps, the microblogging service was introduced. By capitalizing on Twitter users’ resentment, Meta hoped to attract them to their new text-based site. According to recent rumours, Meta will soon introduce the Threads app’s web version.

After a few weeks since its debut, Threads’ usage has drastically decreased. Making the service available to more consumers is one method to jumpstart growth. Only the iPhone and Android platforms are currently supported by Threads. It will soon be accessible online.

Meta to Launch Web Version of Threads App This week

According to The Wall Street Journal, Threads’ internet version will go live this week, making it possible to download it as a desktop application for the first time. This is in response to comments made by Instagram CEO Adam Mosser that a Threads web app “is close”.

Threads on the web will help increase adoption from users and increase long-term monetisation opportunities. A web app can give Meta more potential for data collection and analytics tracking. Right now, though, Threads has no advertising at all. There is possibility that the company starts showing ads on the web version.

The desktop version is more useful for the brands as it is easy to manage on big screens. Moreover, it will be easy to manage Threads profiles without having to log into company accounts on their personal phones.

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