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LHC Once Again Receives Petition To Ban TikTok In Pakistan

LHC Once Again Receives Petition To Ban TikTok In Pakistan

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According to the most current information, a formal constitutional petition has just been submitted to the Lahore High Court. It called for the prohibition of the well-known social media site TikTok. Let me just say that this is not the first time that LHC has had a request to outlaw TikTok in Pakistan.

Lahore High Court Receives Yet Another Petition to Ban TikTok in Pakistan

The petitioner questions whether TikTok’s proliferation of offensive material is harming young people. Reports state that Sohail Ahmad Shaikh, an advocate, prepared and presented the plea on behalf of Rana Usman Anwar. This petition also names PTA and the federal government as respondents.
The petitioner’s main issue is the ongoing influx of offensive content on TikTok. He also connects it to young people’s loss of moral standards. According to the complaint, the video platform’s material had a significant impact on how young people thought and behaved. It also cites instances in which young people tragically perished while attempting to make TikTok videos.

The petition invokes Article 5 of the Constitution to emphasize the constitutional component. It unequivocally emphasizes the obligation of every citizen to act with devotion to the state. It has been requested to call attention to the fact that TikTok has been restricted in numerous countries owing to related worries.

It’s important to note that over time, TikTok has occasionally and for a variety of reasons been temporarily banned in Pakistan. Since attempts to get it prohibited for similar reasons have been made in the past but were unsuccessful, it appears that this latest criminal effort is just another shot in the dark. Let’s see how the Lahore High Court reacts this time, however.


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