Karachi Police Arrests Publishers Selling Pirated Textbooks

Karachi Police Arrests Publishers Selling Pirated Textbooks

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A raiding team from the Aram Bagh police station in Karachi recently arrested numerous publishers who were distributing counterfeit textbooks as part of a crackdown. Police officers from the Aram Bagh police station raided Urdu Bazaar in response to a complaint made by the Sindh Textbook Board.

As a result, several publishers who were thought to be distributing textbooks that were pirated were detained. Under the pretext of being private publishers, these publishers are accused of selling illegally obtained educational content.

Publishers are expressly forbidden by current law from selling textbooks without the Sindh Textbook Board’s approval. All publishers are required by law to formally register as private publishers before selling textbooks.

Concerns have been expressed about possible financial ramifications for the Sindh Textbook Board as a result of these publishers’ illegal actions. Law enforcement officials also acknowledged that throughout the operation, the accused publishers had given the police copies of pirated books. At the Aram Bagh police station, an official case has been opened in relation to this occurrence.

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