iPhone 15 to Support Up to 35W Charging Speeds

iPhone 15 to Support Up to 35W Charging Speeds

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Apple is getting ready to release its most anticipated iPhone series, the 15. The iPhone 15 series will include some significant design changes this year. The switch to USB-C is one of the most obvious changes. According to some recent claims, the iPhone 15 models could now receive quicker charging speeds of up to 35W.

Not all of the iPhone 15 models can charge at this faster rate, but “at least some” can. The iPhone 14 models can currently charge at a maximum of about 27W, with the Pro models being able to charge a little bit faster. Charge times would be sped up with a 35W boost.

iPhone 15 to Support Up to 35W Charging Speeds

Apple no longer includes a power adaptor with the iPhone. Currently, the firm advises using a 20W+ charger for quick charging. Apple might start advising its 30W MacBook Air charger or its 35W Dual USB-C charger for the fastest charging speed if the iPhone 15 models are capable of receiving up to 35W of charging power.

Because of the switch to USB-C, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted earlier this year that the iPhone 15 models will allow higher charging rates. He said that MFi-certified USB-C chargers, including the 20W power converter, will support the faster rates.

There have been rumors that Apple will only allow MFi-certified connections and chargers to provide quicker charging speeds. It’s also feasible that just the iPhone 15 Pro models will receive the quickest charging rates.

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The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will also include a titanium chassis, a new solid-state Action button, and an improved UWB in addition to these leaks. The Dynamic Island design will be adopted by all iPhone 15 models. The entire line will use smarter, more energy-efficient stacked battery technology. Furthermore, this year’s prices will rise significantly.


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