iPhone 15 to Replace Gold With This New Color

iPhone 15 to Replace Gold With This New Color

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Apple’s eagerly awaited iPhone 15 Pro is expected to make its debut at a special event next month; reports suggest that September 12 may be the day.

It’s anticipated that this date will receive official confirmation in the next week. The iPhone 15 Pro (as well as the Pro Max model) is reported to use a titanium frame in contrast to its predecessor, which used stainless steel for its frame. It may also have the ideal color to complement that material.

Evidently, this change affects the range of color options the business can provide. As a result, Titan Gray and a deep blue color will be used instead of the current gold and purple selections. This is how it will seem.

Although the name hasn’t been confirmed, it has been alleged that Apple used the fictitious name Titan Gray while the device was being developed. Titan Gray is intended to be lighter than materials like Space Black or graphite but still having a color that is darker than that of silver or white.

Like all color choices, it will appear differently in real life than it does in 3D renderings. The colors typically appear better in person.

A deep blue finish will replace the previous purple option in Apple’s next Pro smartphone line. Black, green, blue, yellow, and pink are among the projected launch colors for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models.


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