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Google Search App is Getting Instagram Stories Alike Feature

Google Search App is Getting Instagram Stories Alike Feature

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Google will soon alter how you conduct searches. Recent reports claim that Google is improving the aesthetic, interactive, and enjoyable aspects of search. The Google Search app appears to be getting set to release a new Instagram Stories clone, so the search engine will soon be more entertaining.

The big search company appears to be working on a fresh approach to being inventive with search results. Through its main mobile app, users will be able to share text, pictures, or stickers in a way similar to Instagram Stories. @AssembleDebug discovered the feature on X. Web Stories already allows publishers and content producers to publish Stories online. Google Image, Google Discover, and Google Search all display this kind of content.

Google is looking for more organic and visible ways for users to search and receive results. Additionally, according to some code discovered by 9to5, users will be able to leave comments, known as “Notes,” on websites that show up in search results.

When using the Google app’s default browser to view a webpage, users will be able to leave comments on it. The general public will be able to see each note. Another choice is to “like” or “heart” a comment made by another user. They will be able to see your profile picture and name.

According to some sources, Google will release this feature for Android and iOS in September. However, not every page that appears in Search will have access to this capability. It won’t be accessible on pages with health-related information, pornographic material, or violent material.


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