Caretaker Govt Wants to Cut Mobile Imports by Producing Cheap Quality Phones Locally

Caretaker Govt Wants to Cut Mobile Imports by Producing Cheap Quality Phones Locally

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Sources claim that Dr. Umar Saif, the caretaker federal minister for information technology and telecommunication, recently said that Pakistan’s government wished to lessen the importation of mobile devices. By producing low-cost, high-quality mobile phones in Pakistan, they want to achieve this. If this turns out to be accurate, it will be a positive step in advancing Pakistan’s domestic mobile phone business.

Government Aims To Curtail Mobile Imports

In a statement released on Wednesday, Dr. Saif stated that the ministry is dedicated to advancing Pakistan’s IT and telecom sectors. He claims that Pakistan is currently home to 190 million mobile phones, making it the seventh-largest mobile phone market in the world.

Additionally, Dr. Saif stated that Pakistan’s economy will greatly benefit from local mobile phone manufacture. Not only will it open up work prospects, but it will also advance Pakistan’s high-tech sector. It’s important to note that during the first five months of 2023 (January through June), domestic manufacturing facilities in Pakistan produced or assembled 6.07 million mobile devices, as opposed to 0.53 million that were commercially imported.

According to official statistics, local manufacturing facilities produced or assembled 1.19 million mobile phones in Pakistan in June 2023 as opposed to 0.12 million commercially imported phones. Let’s observe and wait. Will the government be able to produce high-quality phones locally and achieve its goal of reducing mobile imports? How do you feel? Let us know in the comments section.


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