(Watch) Full Video Stephen Bear And Jessica Smith Videos Goes Viral On Twitter

(Watch) Full Video Stephen Bear And Jessica Smith Videos Goes Viral On Twitter

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After video of Stephen Bear and his girlfriend, Jessica Smith, has gone viral on Twitter.

A viral video shows Stephen Bear driving Jessica Smith. Stephen Bear shares a portion of the video with Jessica Smith and links to it on his website, where viewers must pay a subscription to view the full video.

Videos Stephen Bear and Jessica Smith’s videos were leaked on Twitter

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Stephen Bear’s girlfriend Jessica Smith has revealed whether she was embarrassed by the Big Brother star after being jailed for revenge. Smith vowed to “always” support the disgraced reality star. The 23-year-old, who has a huge following on Instagram and OnlyFans, said: “I love you. I will always be by your side, be strong baby. The truth will come out… you will never get justice.

Judge Christopher Morgan, who sentenced Stephen Bear, said the scandalous TV series “wanted to monetize tapes” of Bear and Georgia Harrison having sex. “I think you are recognizing the greatest financial value to yourself by featuring Georgia Harrison, a popular reality TV and social media personality, in a video,” the judge at Chelmsford Crown Court said. “Many people will know and recognize him.

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He said the defendant had caused Harrison “widespread humiliation and embarrassment”. When Bear was jailed, he raised his hand to the dugout and said, “Good evening. Good weekend everyone. »

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Bear was also ordered to sign a sex offender registry if he is to serve a 10-year probation order and is subject to a five-year restraining order from contacting Georgia Harrison. When Bear was sentenced last year, Ms Harrison said: ‘I hope I can take a stand to give other men and women victims of pornographic films the courage to seek revenge. justice and, above all, show them that they have nothing. You are mine. ashamed of From.”

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