Liv Morgan Reacts To And Explains Viral Video Of Her at New York Knicks Game

Liv Morgan Reacts To And Explains Viral Video Of Her at New York Knicks Game

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This week, footage of WWE Superstar Liv Morgan seated next to WWE live event staffer Justin Scalise at a Knicks game became the subject of a viral video that she isn’t quite sure why.
Fans found the video of her sitting courtside and appearing to totally ignore everything the man next to her said amusing. She was merely waiting for him to stop talking, it was joked, and whatever it was he was babbling on about was going straight out the other end. When questioned about it on Wednesday’s episode of WWE’s The Bump, Morgan found it amusing but also somewhat astonishing that this gained traction online.

“I want to express so many things and have so many thoughts. First of all, I want to state that we had no idea that we were even being filmed. It’s so strange to me what goes viral and what doesn’t.” She continued by saying that while she was watching the game and listening to Scalise describe something to her, she was also having her own thoughts in her head. She had no idea that she was being recorded or what was happening. “Oh my goodness, Justin, I’m so sorry,” I said as my phone was about to blow up after seeing the video. She remarked that he’s been a great sport about it.

Morgan Had Fun With The Idea She Was Ignoring Him

The Bump panel laughed heartily when Morgan made fun of Women’s History Month by saying that everyone should just presume she was ignoring him. Liv played up the fact that she was doing her own thing and didn’t care what Scalise was saying at the time, even though that wasn’t what she was doing and she had every right to.


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