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How to Use an iPhone without Paying PTA Taxes?

How to Use an iPhone without Paying PTA Taxes?

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Unquestionably, Apple’s iPhone is a premium brand in the smartphone market, and in places like Pakistan, you have to pay a significant amount of tax to fully utilise one. It has become a status symbol in our society and everyone wants to get their hands on it. Without a doubt, no other business can contend with Apple in hardware and R&D. It is clear that iPhones are among the most durable products on the market. However, everyone is aware that iPhones are among the most expensive electronics available. Even so, in addition to the price of the phone itself, if you are able to save up enough money to buy an iPhone, you will also have to pay a sizable PTA tax. This results the overall price of the phone too high and in our opinion, it’s not worth it at all. Even on 6-7 years old iPhones like iPhone X or iPhone 7, you still have to pay a hefty PKR 50k-60k taxes which is not understandable at all.

Use SIM cards for 4 Months without having to pay the PTA tax:

There are two sim slots in an iPhone and in the newest models, they have been replaced with a dual Esim carrier option. PTA allows you to use a sim on any carrier for 2 months without paying any tax. So, you can use a sim on one carrier for two months and then on another carrier for a couple of more months.

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Use of feature 4G phone with a WiFi Hotspot:

When your iPhone gets locked because of not paying tax then you can use a simple feature 4G phone like jazz digit 4G etc, to use your sim. Furthermore, it can also enable you to carry mobile WiFi wherever you go., so your iPhone will always be connected to the internet.

Use a Budget Android Phone instead of Paying the Tax:

Instead of paying a whopping PKR 150k tax on your phone, you can purchase a decent budget android phone for around PKR 30k-40k. You can use your sim card on the android phone and can also use it as a WiFi hotspot. Furthermore, it will provide you with an android experience alongside the iOS experience. As we know there are a number of android features that aren’t available on iPhone and vice versa. Conclusively, it will be a great combo in our opinion.

Bluetooth DSDS (Transferring Sim Signals):

A device that can transfer SIM signals to a phone via Bluetooth is known as a Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS) adapter. These adapters typically take the form of a small device that you insert both of your SIM cards into and then pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Once paired, you can use the adapter to receive calls and text messages from both numbers on a single device. Some examples of a DSDS adapter are “Buddy”. These adapters are especially useful if your smartphone does not support sim connectivity as in the case of the iPhone (when the tax is not paid).


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