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Galaxy S23 Ultra Users are Having a WiFi problem – Here’s How to Fix it

Galaxy S23 Ultra Users are Having a WiFi problem – Here’s How to Fix it

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Samsung just recently unveiled the Galaxy S23 line. Several bugs and one screen issue have already been reported shortly after release. Additionally, many Galaxy S23 Ultra users are currently claiming that WiFi doesn’t work on their devices.

Galaxy S23 Ultra Users are Having a WiFi problem – Here’s How to Fix it

The Galaxy S23 Ultra has WiFi connectivity problems, according to numerous user reports on Reddit and the Samsung Community forums. It appears that the phone connects to WiFi without having access to the internet. The link, according to some users, doesn’t last very long. The majority of users claim that only the Galaxy S23 Ultra has this problem, and all other devices in their homes are up and running normally.
According to some accounts, this issue only occurs if your router is a WiFi 6 router. As a new generation of wireless technology known as WiFi 6, or 802.11ax, not everyone has a WiFi 6 router, it goes without saying. While some users use routers with the more recent WiFi 6E technology, the majority still use older standard routers.

How to Fix the Issue?

Samsung itself has not revealed any fix for the issue. A Samsung representative has revealed that the next update would address the issue. However, some users have shared some ways to fix the issue. Here is the list,

  • Disabling WiFI 6 and encryption protocol WPA3 has fixed the issue for some users.
  • A factory reset also resolved the problem for some Galaxy S23 Ultra users.
  • Disabling the random MAC address and switching to phone MAC resolve the issue.
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It’s not clear exactly how many units have the issue, but the number doesn’t seem to be minor. Some users said they saw the problem on multiple units.


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