WWE Fans Are Starting To Think Uncle Howdy Might Be Edge

WWE Fans Are Starting To Think Uncle Howdy Might Be Edge

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This week’s SmackDown offered WWE fans their finest look at Uncle Howdy to date. The Eater of Worlds was joined in the ring by the enigmatic person, who until 24 hours ago was thought to be a supporter of Bray Wyatt. The masked man demonstrated this week that he isn’t even on Wyatt’s side by attacking him, moving beyond his earlier success in persuading LA Knight that Wyatt and Howdy are not the same person.

Who Is Uncle Howdy?

Who exactly is hiding behind the mask is something we still don’t know, but there are many hypotheses. Bo Dallas is Uncle Howdy has been the prevailing notion the entire time. Dallas was reportedly finished with wrestling when he was released by WWE a time back. The opportunity to finally collaborate directly with his brother, though, may have lured him back.
There are hints that Howdy is Dallas, but after getting a clearer look at the character on SmackDown this week, a fresh notion has surfaced. Uncle Howdy took off his hat to expose long golden hair. Dallas might be ruled out if the character’s hair is real and not a wig. Unless Wyatt’s brother has coloured his hair specifically for the part of course.

Could It Be Edge?

Some fans have come to the conclusion that Uncle Howdy is Edge if the hair belongs to the mystery wrestler and hasn’t been dyed. The Rated R Superstar hasn’t been seen around the WWE since losing an I Quit match to Finn Balor at Extreme Rules, but the hair does seem to match. The same occasion on which Wyatt had previously appeared, with his supporting cast menacingly waiting in the audience for the curtain call.
Perhaps WWE is pursuing the angle that Edge has been absent for some time in search of something sinister to aid in his pursuit of just retribution on The Judgment Day. What WWE appears to have planned for Wyatt and Edge is where this idea fails. Now that it has been verified Wyatt will take on Knight in a Pitch Black match at Royal Rumble. No connection to The Judgment Day who are on an entirely different show. Not to mention reports suggesting Edge will battle Finn Balor inside Hell in a Cell on the same show.


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