Why Brock Lesnar Left The UFC & Returned To WWE In 2012, Explained

Why Brock Lesnar Left The UFC & Returned To WWE In 2012, Explained

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The relationship between the two parties ended when Brock Lesnar departed WWE back in 2004. The unthinkable occurred in 2012 when Lesnar returned to the organisation that made him famous in a big way. He has been with the promotion ever since, spending more than ten years back in the professional wrestling industry while continuing to build his reputation. Lesnar competed in the UFC while he was away and won the Heavyweight Championship. Given his accomplishments, some would question why he decided to leave MMA and return to professional wrestling in 2012.

Brock Lesnar Became The UFC Heavyweight Champion

Lesnar appeared to have established his reputation outside of WWE after quitting. He was acknowledged as a former professional wrestler, but he had made a reputation for himself in the MMA community. Lesnar’s adventure began at the Dynamite!! USA event when he defeated Min-soo Kim, and it wasn’t long before he was signed to the UFC. As a result of his brand value and the curiosity around how he would perform in the field of Mixed Martial Arts, Lesnar quickly became the UFC’s biggest draw.

Brock Lesnar’s Health Issues Caused His UFC Career To End

Lesnar took a break from the Octagon after his defeat by Velasquez. Prior to this match, Lesnar reportedly battled diverticulitis, which plagued his UFC career and forced him to withdraw from his fight with Junior Dos Santos at UFC 131 in order to get surgery. Dana White reportedly said, “They took roughly 12 inches of his colon, reconstructed it, and he feels wonderful,” as quoted by MMAWeekly. Although he claimed to be a little painful, the surgery was a great success. However, significant harm had been done, and this all came into play in his subsequent battle.

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Lesnar’s opponent Alaister Overeem chose to target his vulnerable midsection because it was well known that he had health issues; this decision proved costly and resulted in Lesnar’s loss. Lesnar said, “I’ve had a really terrible couple of years with my sickness, and I’m going to formally announce this is the last time,” according to ESPN, explaining that this fight plus his health difficulties had made it all too much. Lesnar then turned and left. He made an effort to prepare for a subsequent bout, but soon understood it would be impossible to get well. His next move was to re-join WWE as a result of this.


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