Triple H Holds WWE Talent Meeting, Assures Superstars Creative Won’t Change

Triple H Holds WWE Talent Meeting, Assures Superstars Creative Won't Change

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It appears like all of the significant changes within the organisation have come to a stop as one of the crazier weeks in WWE comes to a close, at least temporarily. Triple H, who is still in charge of creative, despite what many fans may have believed just a few days ago, met with WWE Superstars on Friday before SmackDown.

Vince McMahon Is Back To Oversee The Potential Sale Of WWE

According to Fightful (via Wrestling Inc.), Triple H informed personnel that Vince McMahon had returned to assess the viability of selling WWE and to supervise the sale, if it were to go. He reassured everyone present that the company has not yet been sold and that rumours and allegations to the contrary, which have been circulating left and right all week, are untrue.

Creative Is Safe For Now, But Anything Can Change

The one unsettling message from what Triple H told the Superstars is that anything may change, even if he acknowledged that he understood the reasons there had been anxiety backstage. It’s fair to say that even though The Game doesn’t seem to have any plans to leave his position, his past week in WWE has shown him that anything can change inside the organisation in a matter of hours.
That comprises both the discovery of a possible buyer and the completion of the WWE sale. There is no way of knowing what the new owners will wish to do if and when that occurs. They could want to keep Vince in that position and keep Triple H in control of creative. position, or they might want to go in a completely different direction. Reassuring words from The Game for now, but the future of WWE continues to remain uncertain.


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