So Far, Bray Wyatt’s Uncle Howdy Storyline Is Another Goofy Misfire In WWE

So Far, Bray Wyatt's Uncle Howdy Storyline Is Another Goofy Misfire In WWE

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The release of longtime WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt was one of the most startling recent news events. Wyatt was released in July 2021 after making his second appearance on the main roster in 2013, becoming one of the top personalities in the business and a significant merchandise seller for WWE. Wyatt made a comeback in 2022 under Triple H after Vince McMahon left the organisation, however he has not yet engaged in on-screen combat. Since his return to Extreme Rules, Bray has performed several promos and segments, although he has only sometimes engaged in actual contact. It has been strange to watch the corporation take so long to pay out, and with the introduction of Uncle Howdy, it has gone from interesting to flat-out goofy in just a short few months.

When Bray Returned At Extreme Rules 2022, It Was One Of The Best Moments Of The Year

Bray Wyatt made his long-awaited return to WWE at Extreme Rules 2022, where he would end the show in a spectacular way by making an appearance in front of the live audience for a fantastic moment, following weeks of cryptic teasing and a very elaborate ARG advertising ploy by WWE. Fans were delighted by the excellent payout and eager to see what the former Eater of Worlds will do next. All indications pointed to a return to the pre-Fiend Wyatt, which was a welcome shift for many fans following the divisive run that character had. That was proven in his first appearance on WWE TV following the PPV, when Bray delivered one of the year’s best and most moving promos.

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Not Having Bray Wyatt Wrestle Has Hurt Him, And Uncle Howdy Is Killing His Appeal

After doing a few SmackDown promos, Bray Wyatt unveiled his new alter ego, Uncle Howdy. Uncle Howdy is still a rather enigmatic character in WWE lore because not much is known about him or his objectives. However, in recent weeks, it has appeared to be proven that Howdy is not being played by Bray because they appeared in the same segment. Many fans assumed Bo Dallas, Uncle Howdy’s real-life brother, would fill the role after Bray teased a new faction dubbed The Wyatt 6.

It must be acknowledged that Uncle Howdy has started to seem increasingly silly in all of his appearances, regardless of who is hiding behind the mask and makeup. Wearing a top hat obviously doesn’t help, but these days, when Uncle Howdy shows up in WWE, save from one attack on Bray Wyatt himself, the mysterious man usually walks out to music and stands on the entrance ramp while moving awkwardly and doing absolutely nothing. Since Wyatt hasn’t competed in an on-screen bout since making his return in early October 2022, the character’s unusual evolution has only served to lessen the impact of his return. Although interest in Bray Wyatt isn’t completely lost, not having him wrestle and attempting  force this unironically goofy Uncle Howdy character as a serious threat is pushing the limits once again.

Alexa Bliss Is Now Being Inserted Into The Wyatt Lore Again, Which Did Not Go Well The First Time Around

After a number of teases, Alexa Bliss has finally snapped once again, going back to her evil ways after a stint as a babyface on Monday Night Raw. In early January 2023, she would also be confronted by Uncle Howdy making a rare Raw appearance, with this being a sign that Alexa is bound for returning to Bray Wyatt’s side. While some fans did enjoy their work together, it did lead to a horrible feud with Randy Orton and a lot of bad angles in the women’s division, notably Alexa Bliss’ feud with Eva Marie and Doudrop over a doll. Nobody knows what is coming next for Alexa Bliss, but if Uncle Howdy is involved, it can be guaranteed that it will be extremely campy, and likely unbelievably goofy.


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