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How to Switch Users on Your Mac in 3 Ways

How to Switch Users on Your Mac in 3 Ways

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Mac has more features than Windows, like Facetime, Control Center, Widgets, iMessage Effects, and Restoring scroll bar. The ability to create multiple user profiles is one of the Mac’s noteworthy features. You may easily make numerous user profiles on a Mac and swap between them. Also take note that switching between users on a Mac requires a password or Touch ID. All models of MacBooks can be switched between users using the same procedures.

How to Switch Users on Mac Using Lock Screen/Log Out

Use the keyboard shortcuts Command + Control + Q to lock the screen and Shift + Control + Q to log out by going to the Apple Menu and selecting Log Out/Lock Screen.
At the bottom, select User Switch.
To switch to a different username, click it and then type your password.
You are currently signed in as a different user.

How to Switch Users on Mac Using Fast User Switching

Fast User Switching is a dedicated feature to manage all users on Mac. Only the admin of the Mac has access to enable or disable the Fast User Switching feature. You can easily switch between by accessing Fast User Switching in the Menu Bar or Control Centre.

Menu Bar

On the home screen, select System Preferences by clicking the Apple emblem in the top-left corner.
Choose the shortcut icon for Users & Groups.
In the Users & Groups panel, click the Lock icon.
Enter your password if required, then click Unlock.
From the left sidebar, select the Login Options area.
To enable the Fast User Switching option, click the box next to Show fast user switching menu.
Select Full Name, Account Name, or Icon by clicking the double arrow, depending on how you prefer your name to appear.
When finished, click the Close button to close the window.
Your screen will now display the Fast User Switching shortcut (User icon). You can examine all the users here and select the one you switch to.
Your Mac will now switch you to your chosen account. Fast Switching User is the fastest and easiest way, as it allows you to switch accounts without logging out of one account.

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Control Centre

Select System Settings from the Apple Menu by clicking it.
After that, select Control Center and look to the right for Fast User Switching.
Turn on the Control Center last.
Click the Control Centre on the Home screen.
The user icon is located at the bottom.
Select the account you want to switch to by clicking it.

How to Switch Users on Mac Using Touch ID

Click the System Preferences icon in the Dock on the Mac Home screen.
Press Touch ID.
Make sure the fingerprints have been added to access.
Then switch on the Use Touch ID sensor for quick user switching option.
From the Home screen, select the Fast Switch User icon.
To change, click the Profile username.
To switch, place your finger in the Touch Bar.

How to Switch Users on Mac By Using Terminal

On a Mac, launch the Terminal and enter the command. Change “username” to the name of the account you want to access.
Now, input the appropriate user’s password.
The user account is open to you.
You can view the data kept in the user account using Terminal commands.


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