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How to Share Screen on Skype [2 Methods]

How to Share Screen on Skype [2 Methods]

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The finest social media platform for video calling at the moment is Skype. Make audio calls even though you can chat. The ability to make video calls on Skype is well-liked. You may easily make HD video calls even with minimal internet usage. The ability to automatically share your desktop screen with your smartphone during a Skype video call is one of its standout features. When using Whatsapp video calling, screen sharing is not an option. One of the most uncommon Skype video calling options is screen sharing.

There are two ways to use the Screen Sharing feature on Skype with your friends.

1.In the Desktop app
2.In the Smartphone app

Steps to Share Screen on Skype in Desktop

1.Open the Skype app on your desktop.
2.Make a video call to any of your friends.
3.While in the call, click the Share Screen icon on the window.
4.On the next screen, click the Start Sharing button to share the desktop screen with your friends.
5.To stop the screen sharing, click the Screen Share icon and choose Stop Sharing.

Steps to Share Screen on Skype in smartphones

1.On your smartphone, launch the Skype application.
2.In the bottom right corner, click the three dots icon.
3.On the confirmation page, select Share Screen, and then click Start Now.
4.Your friend will now have access to the screen. Click the Stop Sharing button at the top of the screen to end screen sharing.
You and your pals can both benefit greatly from learning how to screen-share on Skype. Using your screen to guide them is much easier than explaining every step to them. Only while you are on a video call with your pals is the screen sharing feature accessible.


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