Babar Azam Controversial Leak: Indian Propaganda Exposed Yet Again

Babar Azam Controversial Leak: Indian Propaganda Exposed Yet Again

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Babar Azam, the all-format captain of Pakistan, has been a popular topic on social media after some of his allegedly contentious photographs were published online. Cricket fans all over the world were drawn to the stolen photos, and Babar received harsh condemnation for his behaviour.

Initially, an Instagram user named eish.arajpoot1 published pictures of Babar without a shirt on, saying that he wanted to have illicit s**ual relations with her despite being involved with another lady. The narrative gained momentum when it was claimed that Babar was “exchanging indecent text messages with the girlfriend of one of his teammates.”
As more news media sources from around the world jumped at the chance to broadcast the story without fully gathering the facts, the controversy grew. On several social media sites, it quickly became clear that the claims against Pakistan’s captain were false and that the propaganda came from India.
Babar Azam’s photos and videos were leaked on Instagram by the user eish.arajpoot1, who was born and raised in India.

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Furthermore, an Indian Twitter user named @niiravmodi stepped forward to clarify his role in the incident once the propaganda attracted attention on a global scale.
The Twitter user admitted that he was the one who made up the story that Babar was “exchanging inappropriate text messages with the girlfriend of one of his colleagues.” He tweeted that he did so in jest and that this tale is in no way factual.
Recently, both on and off the field, Pakistan’s top hitter has been under fire. After Pakistan’s underwhelming home campaign, there have been calls for Babar to be relieved of his captaincy, and this affair has just served to amplify the negative narrative around Pakistan’s national hero.


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