Will Bray Wyatt wrestle tonight on WWE SmackDown?

Will Bray Wyatt wrestle tonight on WWE SmackDown?

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For the past two years, WWE SmackDown has been a top pro wrestling programme. As the weeks pass, it just seems to grow better and better under the Triple H regime. The Bloodline aside, one major factor in this increase in creative output has been Bray Wyatt’s comeback. Wyatt returned to WWE at the conclusion of Extreme Rules 2022.
Wyatt has remained a recurring character on the show ever since his comeback. He hasn’t yet competed in a match inside the ring, though. Even though his beef with LA Knight is still going on, there are more promotional exchanges between the two than actual fights. Although the attacks on Knight are unknown, Wyatt has not yet engaged in physical contact in the ring.

WWE Director of Long Term Creative, Rob Fee, tweeted earlier today to remind fans not to miss this week’s WWE SmackDown. Since Wyatt and Fee are good friends and the latter participated in the White Rabbit promos leading up to Bray’s return, the tweet has given fans the impression that Bray Wyatt may be having his first in-ring match since making a comeback.

Roman Reigns returns to WWE SmackDown tonight for the first time since Survivor Series

This Friday Night, Roman Reigns makes his first appearance on WWE SmackDown since the Survivor Series WarGames. The Tribal Chief’s return will undoubtedly draw greater attention because everyone is curious about what the Head of the Table will do next.
Roman Reigns announced his comeback on Twitter. He has given the WWE Universe the go-ahead to be ready to praise Him and his Bloodline for their brilliance.
This return might be for one of three reasons, the first of which is to honour Sami Zayn. Zayn was instructed to tidy up for this week’s WWE SmackDown by Jey Uso last week. We Sami Zayn might change our name to Sami Uso tonight.
The search for the Champion’s next opponent may be the second factor. According to speculations, At the Royal Rumble 2023, Warrior Sheamus or The Prizefighter Kevin Owens might exit the competition to battle Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.
Turning against Zayn is the third and least likely motive. Sami Zayn is liked by The Bloodline, but The Bloodline is a family and will always remain close. Reigns received a fifth participant and the victory he desired at WarGames. Tonight might be the night Zayn is kicked out of the faction if Reigns decides he no longer needs him.


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