What injury did AJ Styles suffer at a recent WWE live event?

What injury did AJ Styles suffer at a recent WWE live event?

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The WWE fanbase is concerned about AJ Styles’ injury. The 45-year-last old’s downtime was in 2020, and he has been in generally good condition over the last few years.
Styles was performing at a WWE live event in Hershey, Pennsylvania on Thursday when he actually hurt his ankle. Additionally, Styles “did a spot over the top rope to the outside” following the injury, according to Wrestling Observer. He gripped his leg for several minutes outside the ring while his OC members, Michin (Mia Yim), Anderson, and Gallows were concerned.

AJ Styles’ injury is still being evaluated for severity. However, a slight sprain might enable him to return as early as next week. Usually, in severe cases, doctors advise a month of rest. WWE is being cautious with the latter, thus Styles will likely be sidelined for a while.
A steel cage match between Styles, a two-time world champion, and Seth Rollins was scheduled for Friday, December 30, at the Coca-Cola Coliseum in Toronto. The injury to AJ Styles may cause WWE to change the schedule.

How could AJ Styles’ injury impact the feud between The OC and The Judgment Day on WWE RAW?

In October, the red brand of WWE started a contentious rivalry between the two stables that has since continued. Since it all began with The Phenomenal One refusing to shake hands with Finn Balor, he served as the focal point of the entire narrative.
Judgment Day may have a significant advantage going into 2023 as a result of AJ Styles’ injury. Due to the OC’s potential for instability while its leader is gone, this would be the ideal opportunity for their adversaries to really undermine them.
If Styles misses the next performance, The Judgment Day will launch an assault on the Good Brothers and Michin.
AJ’s return can possibly be delayed until the 2023 Royal Rumble competition by WWE. So, the Day of Judgment could rack up wins against The OC during their leader’s absence, but the babyfaces will eventually triumph in the feud next year.


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