The Weird History Of WWE’s Sister Abigail, Explained

The Weird History Of WWE's Sister Abigail, Explained

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WWE is no stranger to weird characters and bizarre plots. Despite this, Bray Wyatt stood out for having one of the most unique character journeys ever, going from swamp cult leader to adherent of Matt Hardy’s Woken Universe to alternating between portraying the monster Fiend and a host of a children’s show.

The History Of Sister Abigail

Redesigned from his earlier appearances as Husky Harris in The Nexus, the Bray Wyatt persona made his debut on the WWE main roster when he introduced a finisher known as Sister Abigail. Even though it succeeded as a finisher, the move itself wasn’t all that noteworthy. Fans were curious about Abigail because of her strange name for a wrestling move and oblique mentions of her in promos.

The majority of fans’ best assumption was that she was Wyatt’s kayfabe sister, while the cult overtones led others to speculate that she might not be a biological sibling or that she might symbolise a more spiritual role (Sister is how nuns are addressed). There was some speculation that WWE would eventually produce a female counterpart to Wyatt, but she never really materialised (though there is some debate on that point).

Randy Orton Burned Sister Abigail’s Remains

Although the conflagration was visually striking, the outcome of the plot was ambiguous. The first destruction seemed to pain Wyatt, much like when The Undertaker’s former foes took his urn. Wyatt, however, claimed in subsequent promos that Orton had truly freed Sister Abigail’s spirit, giving The Eater of Worlds new magical abilities, including the capacity to cast images of bugs onto a wrestling mat. Even though Orton had this unique ability at his disposal, Orton defeated him at WrestleMania 33.

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Abby The Witch Returned Alongside Bray Wyatt At Extreme Rules

The only topic that generated more rumours than Sister Abigail was Bray Wyatt’s unforeseen departure from WWE in late July 2021. Many fans believed that the three-time World Champion was headed to AEW, but in the end, that was not the case. After over 16 months, WWE started slipping cryptic hints that appeared to indicate to a Wyatt comeback among numerous red herrings. Extreme Rules 2022, which concluded with the appearance of Bray Wyatt, was ultimately the result of the succession of QR codes and weird video interruptions.

Aspects of Wyatt’s prior run were included into the piece as part of his significant comeback. This includes human-sized representations of the Fun House characters in addition to The Fiend and an abandoned Firefly Fun House set, among other Easter eggs. Along with Ramblin’ Rabbit, Mercy the Buzzard, and Huskus the Pig, there was also Abby the Witch, who resembled Bray Wyatt more than Sister Abigail.

However, it seems that this is the only time that Sister Abigail has been clearly mentioned in the Bray Wyatt story to date, despite the fact that some people think she made a comeback in a video that was broadcast in November. Although Wyatt and LA Knight are currently involved in an in-ring conflict, the mystery person known as Uncle Howdy—a masked man who may be another alter ego of Wyatt’s or a different character acting as an enemy against him—seems to be the main worry in his universe.
It’s definitely possible that fans may see Sister Abigail again, though it may take some time. The Bray Wyatt comeback has so far taken its time revealing what the next chapter of Wyatt’s story is.


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