The New Day Makes History By Winning The NXT Tag Titles At Deadline

The New Day Makes History By Winning The NXT Tag Titles At Deadline

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Even though it was promised that its Iron Survivor matchups would take up the majority of the show, NXT’s Deadline card was looking very thin with only one week until the big night. The New Day possibly unexpectedly arrived up on Tuesday due to a dearth of noteworthy matches. Invading Pretty Deadly’s peaceful Christmas scenario, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods issued a title match challenge.

A Top Tag Title Bout

Fans were essentially assured of a match that would have been deserving of the previous NXT TakeOvers, as all four men demonstrated as soon as the bell struck. The four competitors playing hot potato with one of the championships and throwing themselves to the floor Eddie Guerrero-style while the referee was not looking to make it appear as though they had been hit with a championship when he turned around may have been the highlight of the match.

New Day Make A Lot Of History

The victory of New Day in NXT is significant for a variety of reasons. Not only was it Kingston’s 15th Tag Title victory, but it also made the duo the new Triple Crown Tag Team Champions in the WWE (or trio if you count Big E). He has won more Tag Championships than anyone else in WWE history, putting him ahead of everyone else.
It’s probably true to say that few predicted New Day would win this contest. When booked, it appeared to be an exhibition match. A chance for Pretty Deadly to score a significant triumph and establish themselves as key figures in NXT. Evidently not, and whoever succeeds in overthrowing The New Day will now receive the rub instead.


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