Roman Reigns Rumored To Be Presenting The Usos With New Tag Titles Soon

Roman Reigns Rumored To Be Presenting The Usos With New Tag Titles Soon

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In terms of the Tag Team Titles, The Usos have recently been crushing milestones. The New Day’s record for the longest-reigning Tag Champions in WWE history was just exceeded by the twins, who have now held the title for more than 500 days. Roman Reigns appears to be planning something to honour their contributions to The Bloodline.

New Titles For The Usos

Throughout 2022, there have been whispers and indications that WWE has been developing a number of new championship formats, the Tag Titles being one of them. These reports have reappeared this week, claiming that a black-strapped version of the existing Tag Titles with a similar design is now set to release. The two sets of titles appear to be being replaced with a single set, as well.

According to Xero News, the new Tag Title rumour was revived at that time and has since gained steam. Following up on those speculations, BeltFanDan informed supporters that he had also heard them but was unable to confirm whether they would truly take place. Reigns is reportedly going to give The Usos the new titles on Raw at some point in the coming weeks.

Unifying The Tag Titles

If that occurs and the four Tag Titles are reduced to just two, it is assumed that the two sets of championships have been formally combined. It’s interesting that The Tribal Chief’s two titles haven’t reportedly experienced the same issue yet. There have been reports that Roman Reigns will be doing double duty at WrestleMania next year, defending a championship on each night. However, if there has been internal discussion of that, it is currently only a nascent notion.

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The Tag Titles won’t receive the same treatment as the World Titles, even though WWE may be eager to keep the two World Titles apart whenever Reigns finally loses one or both of them. The Tag Titles are actually more likely to be unified and be defended across both shows moving forward. Still a rumor for now, but if Reigns shows up to Raw with a gift for his cousins between now and Christmas, it’s probably going to be those new black titles.


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