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Minecraft on PC: How to download the game on PC

Minecraft on PC: How to download the game on PC

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Minecraft is one of the most popular game platforms for both kids and adults. In the video game Minecraft, players can explore various worlds and improvise unique passageways. Users can show their creativity by building everything from little homes to enormous castles with the materials at their disposal. To get you started playing and having fun with Minecraft on your PC, we’ll go over how to download and install it.
Although Minecraft is compatible with even more platforms than the PC, playing the game on a phone or console like the iPhone, Xbox One, or PS4 only involves going to the app store. On a PC, however, it’s more difficult, so let’s get going!

Steps to download Minecraft on PC

1.Visit the Minecraft website to find out how to download the game for a PC.
2.To the left, there should be a green box with the words “get Minecraft” written on it. Press that.
3.After hitting the button, you must now choose which version of Minecraft you want to download.
4.Choose “computer” from the list of options.
5.The next choice is whatever version of Minecraft you want to download: the Java Edition or Windows 10.
6.You will be directed to a Minecraft website specific to that version with a “buy” button if you chose the Windows 10 game. Choose “purchase”


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