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How to check If Someone Blocked Your Number on Android

How to check If Someone Blocked Your Number on Android

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Have you ever been in a situation when you tried to call someone but were unable to do so? If so, their ability to call you can be restricted. Even though this is commonplace in modern times, many people may be wondering how to find out whether their Android phone has been restricted.

Has someone Blocked Your Number on Android?

Call from someone else phone:

Make a call from a different phone to see if your number has been blocked on Android. For instance, you will hear a busy tone if you call someone who has blocked you. In contrast, if you call from another number, you’ll get the standard response rather than a fun number. It is an obvious indicator that they have blacklisted your phone number.

Call Multiple Times From Your Phone

It’s likely that the person who repeatedly called you has Do Not Disturb (DND) mode enabled on their phone rather than blocking your number. All notifications on their smartphones are muted as a result. When they turn off the DND mode, you can contact them multiple times and each time you will be connected. If this happens, the person will undoubtedly call you back when they are free; if not, they have probably blocked your number. hone

Call Again- Airplane mode might be enabled

Redial; Airplane mode might be on It’s likely that the person you’re attempting to reach has disabled aeroplane mode or turned off his phone because of a meeting or class. The best course of action in this situation is to wait before making another call to them because it can annoy them.

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Check That Person’s Social Media Accounts

Someone would undoubtedly block you on social media if they wish to shut off contact with you.
You can check out that person’s profile on Facebook or Instagram to see if you can access it in order to confirm this.



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