Former WWE manager shares why the Bray Wyatt segment on SmackDown “surprised” him (Exclusive)

Former WWE manager shares why the Bray Wyatt segment on SmackDown "surprised" him (Exclusive)

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Dutch Mantell, a former manager for WWE, recently discussed the upcoming Bray Wyatt and LA Knight SmackDown conflict.
On this week’s episode, LA Knight called out the former Universal Champion and said he was sick of mind tricks. When Wyatt stepped out to claim his innocence, Knight attacked him almost right away.
Uncle Howdy eventually showed up at the arena as a result. As the eerie figure made its way down the hallway, LA Knight bolted from the ring.

Mantell claimed that the section as a whole did not have a payout at the end of this week’s SmackTalk. Although he admitted it was unexpected to see Uncle Howdy, he was fascinated by the perspective.
“They lacked an exit strategy. They simply left you there, and when they returned, everyone had left. The identical incident happened in the changing room the previous week. They performed the same thing last week, but it still caught my attention. Tonight’s Bray Wyatt event was fine. I’m now intrigued. In fact, I was amazed that Uncle Howdy even showed up. And as it continued, I kept thinking, “Wait a minute.” What are we waiting for here, I kept asking myself.And I think everybody else was thinking the same thing because you don’t gotta be a NASA scientist to understand how WWE does their stuff.” [From 17:30 – 19:21]

Dutch Mantell also heaped praise on Triple H for this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown

Dutch Mantell acknowledged Triple H and the rest of the WWE creative team in the same conversation. He explained how The Game had inspired the entire team to put on the best TV show.
“Hats out to everyone, including Triple H and the creative crew. He has, in my opinion, inspired everyone. Everyone is giving it their best effort, but not everything will succeed.” [From 18:35 – 18:46]
He said that Sami Zayn and Bray Wyatt were the highlights of the Friday Night show, and WWE featured both talents in a number of segments to keep viewers interested.
What did you think of the segment with Bray Wyatt and LA Knight? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

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