Charlotte Flair Training With NXT Stars Ahead Of Potential WWE Return

Charlotte Flair Training With NXT Stars Ahead Of Potential WWE Return

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In the WWE, the women’s division appears to be stronger than it has in some time. Due in part to the attention it has been receiving under Triple H, as well as the major performers making their comebacks from injuries. Given that Charlotte Flair seems to be getting ready to make a comeback, another important piece of that puzzle might reappear in the not-too-distant future.

Charlotte Flair Training With NXT Stars

The Queen posted a picture of herself putting on her wrestling boots to start implying that she is about to enter the ring once more. This week, Flair increased the stakes by posting a picture of herself in the ring alongside NXT athletes Zoey Stark and Alba Fyre on her Instagram stories (thanks, TJR Wrestling). In addition, the former Women’s Champion praised Stark and Fyre, perhaps for their assistance in getting her back in fighting shape.

Flair left the WWE seven months ago after losing the SmackDown Women’s Title to Ronda Rousey. Liv Morgan quickly defeated Rousey for that championship, which she later regained. The last time WWE fans saw Flair was when she was taking a break has actually worked out pretty well for her. By the time she does come back, even if it is very soon, most fans will have forgotten that her last loss was in an I Quit match.

What Has Charlotte Been Up To?

While taking a break from the ring, Flair wed her wrestling partner Andrade El Idolo. She was present for Ric Flair’s final match back in July as well. Due to their competing schedules, Andrade actually provided some insight into Flair’s prolonged absence in October. The two of them probably wanted to spend the first few months of their marriage actually being able to see each other because they were in different promotions.

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When Flair does return, it is still unclear exactly where she will fit into the WWE hierarchy. Even though it hasn’t been that long since her last match, a lot has changed, including Sasha Banks and Naomi leaving the ring and Vince McMahon retiring the grand scheme of things. The most logical path would be chasing Bianca Belair for the Raw Women’s Title, a rivalry Ric believes can rival The Rock and Stone Cold’s if it happens at WrestleMania.


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