34-year-old Megastar not willing to put people over or even look vulnerable; unlikely to compete at Royal Rumble – Reports

34-year-old Megastar not willing to put people over or even look vulnerable; unlikely to compete at Royal Rumble – Reports

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The road to WrestleMania 39 will officially begin at the Royal Rumble, which is just a few weeks away. Tyson Fury is one of the contenders being mentioned for the Royal Rumble. Due to his connections to Daniel Kinahan, who is linked to the Irish Mob, sources indicate that he could not be permitted to enter the country. There might, however, be another explanation for his absence.
Two-time world champion Tyson Fury is regarded as a legend in the boxing community. He has appeared numerous times in WWE, most recently in a 2019 contest with Braun Strowman. In his most recent outing, he defeated Austin Theory with a hard punch at Clash at the Castle.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a corporate insider confirmed to him that the notion that Tyson Fury wouldn’t be able to attend the Royal Rumble because of US visa complications is true. Meltzer points up that another explanation might be because he is unwilling to push anyone over, making a Rumble appearance pointless.
Meltzer questioned, “If Fury were to appear in the Rumble as a surprise, what would he do and how does it even make sense for him to have a quick Rumble cameo given the amount of money it would cost to utilise him? It was highlighted that Fury was not willing to put people over or even act vulnerable.
It remains to be seen when Fury will show up again in WWE. But perhaps there could yet be other possibilities…

Could Tyson Fury return for a Saudi Arabia show instead of Royal Rumble?

Fury’s appearance at the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania 39 appears improbable. Meltzer said there is still a potential he may be used in the future for a Saudi Arabia performance or a UK show. Fury and Drew McIntyre engaged in a social media feud that raised the possibility of a fight.
Fury, however, intervened at Clash at the Castle to comfort The Scottish Warrior after McIntyre had fallen to Roman Reigns. Due to his fame and the potential negative effects on his reputation in the pro boxing world, it is logical that Tyson Fury would not want to appear fragile.


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