WWE Teased Alexa Bliss Issues During Odd Backstage Segment

WWE Teased Alexa Bliss Issues During Odd Backstage Segment

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Alexa Bliss is experiencing a problem. Bliss appeared disinterested throughout the segments, and for the second time in a few weeks, Bray Wyatt’s logo flashed behind her during a backstage interview. She was not only physically absent from the scene during the interview on Monday night, but also her teammates and friends recognised something was odd. The Monday Night Raw announcers noted that she had an interesting reaction to a straightforward question.

It’s unclear how Bliss currently fits into the SmackDown with Wyatt plot, but it’s difficult to overlook her history with the WWE Superstar. She played a significant role in his previous persona, and it looks like WWE is hinting that this time around her life hasn’t completely left her stream of consciousness. Fans are asking what is going through that twisted mind of Alexa Bliss? Others want to know if Wyatt is doing some kind of voodoo on her and if a heel turn might be in the works?

There is a general perception among the WWE Universe that Bliss isn’t living up to her full potential as a star on the Raw roster, despite the fact that she has recently been a crucial ally to Bianca Belair. Given her popularity and the strong bond fans have with her, it makes sense for WWE to enhance her status and give her more attention as a singles contender. Bliss and Asuka are considered as somewhat of an afterthought in the women’s division. Perhaps that’s the direction WWE will take, whatever this Wyatt situation is.

How Will They Work This In?

There are a few things that should be asked if the goal is to reunite Wyatt and Bliss. The first is whether she will be selected in the rumoured WWE Draft, which is anticipated to happen in the coming months. The second is how her relationship with Wyatt functions. On the blue brand, he seems to be struggling enough with himself. Having a friend doesn’t necessarily seem to make much sense in the current plot.


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