WWE Survivor Series 2022: Men’s WarGames Result ft/ Roman Reigns

WWE Survivor Series 2022: Men’s WarGames Result ft/ Roman Reigns

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At the WWE Survivor Series 2022 event, The Bloodline, led by Roman Reigns, squares off against The Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre, and Kevin Owens in a WarGames match.

Midway through October, the Usos, Solo Sikoa, and Sami Zayn engaged in conflict with the Brawling Brutes. In their title match with the Usos, Butch and Ridge Holland came up short. The Bloodline then attacked Sheamus viciously, forcing him to take a few weeks off.

Sheamus and Drew Mcintyre defeated the undisputed WWE tag-team champions The Usos on the Survivor Series go-home episode of SmackDown to secure their team’s edge in the WarGames battle. In the Survivor Series match between these two sides, would this man advantage matter much?

WarGame Match 

The Men’s WarGames contest is about to begin. Drew McIntyre, the Brawling Brutes, and Kevin Owens are the next to enter the arena. For his team, Butch will get things started. Roman Reigns, the undisputed WWE Universal Champion, leads the way as The Bloodline finally makes their arrival. Jey Uso, Roman’s right-hand man, is sent to launch the Bloodline.

Butch and Jey engage into a heated dispute while they are in separate rings. Butch extends an invitation to Jey to his ring, but Jey mocks him before going in. As soon as Jey appears, Butch assaults and defeats him. He then begins to manipulate the joints while stepping on Jey’s fingers. Then Butch twists Jey’s fingers with the cage and then with the ropes. Finally retaliating, Jey Uso knocks Butch into the cage. Then Jey picks Butch up and uses the neck breaker on him. To further injure Butch before he becomes disabled, Jey begins to work on his left arm. Butch is again driven to the cage by Jey Uso. Butch, however, grabs Jey’s fingers once more and attempts to break them. Butch tries to lock the modified kimura lock but Jey drops him.

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Ridge When Holland enters the game, Jey is attacked. The latter fights back and lands a number of blows before Holland slams him. Before Butch can stand back up, Holland strikes Jey who is crouching in the corner numerous times. Holland and Butch attack Jey in a double-team combo. Butch now resumes his work on Jey’s hand. The right-hand man of Roman is under attack by the Brutes.

Jimmy was prepared to enter the ring as soon as the cage opened, but Roman stops him and instructs Sami to do so in his place. The Brutes wait for the Honorary Uce to enter the ring. Butch is hacked by Jey from behind. As soon as Holland enters the ring, Sami targets him. He assaults Holland with several stomps in the middle of the rings. Sami Zayn and Jey works together but when Sami pats his back, Jeyb fends off his hands. Meanwhile, Butch climbs the cage and hits them with the moonsault. Ridge Holland picks up both of them to hit the slam. Jey was standing close to the rope and Holland goes for the splash, but Sami pulls him out of the way.

Drew McIntyre, a Scottish Warrior, joins the fight. Sami and Jey simultaneously attack him, but they are unable to escape McIntyre’s anger. The latter repeatedly locks them both within the cage. Before striking Jey with the spine buster, he threw Sami Zayn over the ring. When Zayn attacks him, McIntyre is climbing and has Jey on the top rope. Butch joins McIntyre and Jey while Holland pushes Zayn into the cage. McIntyre tosses Jey Uso after standing up. Sami is struck with McIntyre’s upcoming shock DDT.

At last, Jimmy Uso joins the fight and he brings three tables with him. Once again together, The Usos began attacking everyone. Jey Uso still has no faith in Sami Zayn, though. The latter sets up a table in the corner. Sami and Jey are trying to put Drew through the table but the latter countered it with a glasgow kiss. As soon as Kevin Owens joins the fight, he throws chairs into the ring. He hits Jimmy on top of the chair with a DDT after slamming the Bloodline with the chair. He then uses the cannonball and Swanton bomb to attack Jey. When Owens and Zayn finally meet, Holland attacks Sami. Sami soon consumes a Drew McIntyre vertical suplex. As Kevin Owens rams Jimmy Uso through the table, The Brutes, Owens, and McIntyre are in total control.

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When Solo Sikoa enters the fight, the Bloodline gains control of the situation. Prior to going head-to-head with Kevin in the centre of the two rings, he attacks everyone. After exchanging blows, Owens knocks him to the ground and delivers two superkicks. Owens tries to smash the steel with a powerbomb, but Sikoa blocks it with a background. Drew McIntyre and Solo Sikoa square off and exchange kicks before McIntyre knocks Sikoa out with a flying headbutt.

Sami closes the gate as Sheamus eventually makes it into the ring. Sheamus slams the door in Sami’s face to force his way into the ring. The Celtic Warrior attacks the entire Bloodline while clearing off both rings. Sheamus pushes Jimmy to the cage despite his attempts to fight back. The Usos and Sami Zayn were struck by a splash from the Brawling Brutes to the cage. Sheamus climbs the second rope while carrying Sikoa on his shoulder and hits White Noise, giving the Brutes control of the match.

Trible Chief Joins the Match

Roman Reigns joins the fight as the WarGames start in earnest. He aids Jey in standing up again after entering the ring. Standing in different rings, The Bloodline and The Brutes engage in a stare-down. As the Brutes flee, Roman Reigns begins to assault everyone. He then delivers the Superman Punch to Sheamus. Sheamus blocks his attempt to strike the spear with a kick. Sheamus attempts to hit the ten-beats, but everyone else joins in. The Brutes quickly position themselves to attack every Bloodline member with the same manoeuvre.

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Roman Reigns tries to stand up again, but Sheamus, McIntyre, and Owens stand in his way. Before Roman spears Solo Sikoa, Sheamus strikes him with the Brogue Kick.

Bucth reverses the pinfall after Roman covers. Sami assaults Butch, and then Jey attempts to kick him with a superkick, but Butch avoids it and Sami takes the hit. Holland saves the contest as the Usos hit the 1-D to Butch from the top rope. Holland is pierced through the table by Roman. Roman was intended to be thrown through the table by McIntyre, but Sikoa did it instead. Before going up against Roman, Owens stuns Sikop. Before Roman delivers a superman punch to Owens, there was some back and forth. Owens counters Reigns’ spear attempt with a superkick and then a stunner.

Bloodline Victories

Sami Zayn keeps the official from counting three as Owens covers for Reigns. Kevin and Sami Zayn When Owens and Jimmy get face to face, Owens stops Jimmy’s attempt to kick him, and Zayn then strikes him with a low blow. In the corner, Owens is when Zayn connects with the Helluva kick. Kevin Owens is struck by Jey Uso with a splash from the top rope, earning him the pinfall.

Sami Zayn demonstrated his allegiance, leading to The Bloodline’s victory over The Brawling Brutes in a WarGames match. Roman Reigns hugged Sami Zayn after the match, and Jey Uso agreed with him.


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