WWE Sends Out Memo That Royal Rumble 2023 Has Produced Record Gate

WWE Sends Out Memo That Royal Rumble 2023 Has Produced Record Gate

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Following reports that AEW’s recent Full Gear pay-per-view sold over $1 million in tickets, it appears WWE is reminding fans of the sport of wrestling who the biggest player in town is. Even though $1 million is a record for AEW and the Full Gear PPV had a great turnout, WWE continues to rule the pay-per-view gates, including the upcoming Royal Rumble event, which is expected to generate five times as much revenue as AEW did for their biggest event ever.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful tweeted that they had been told by WWE that ticket sales for the Royal Rumble had already reached a $5 million gate. “WWE informed us that Royal Rumble 2023 now has the largest gate in the event’s history, at $5 exceeding 2017 by a million.” This is not just a significant amount for any wrestling event, but it’s also a nice payday for the Royal Rumble, which is still months away and wasn’t a popular event the previous year. Comments on Sapp’s post mention Triple H’s successful efforts to rekindle interest in that show.

WWE has experienced unexpected events every single night thanks to Triple H. Fans have no idea who will appear from week to week because bringing back former stars has become a part of his standard operating procedure. Given that the Rumble is a show where surprises are frequent, the upcoming event ought to be jam-packed with them. Fans are ecstatic, so it makes sense that the WWE Universe rushed to buy tickets so they could watch it live.

Is WWE Sending a Message?

It can’t be a coincidence that WWE revealed this information soon after AEW boasted about their record gate. WWE undoubtedly has the advantage when it comes to making money off of their events, despite the fact that some may view it as petty and others may see it as a flex. If AEW wants to one day surpass WWE in that aspect, they have a long way to go.


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