WWE Reportedly Planning A “Pitch Black” Match For Bray Wyatt At Royal Rumble

WWE Reportedly Planning A "Pitch Black" Match For Bray Wyatt At Royal Rumble

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Since there won’t be a Day 1, WWE’s upcoming premium live event will be two months from now. Survivor Series is over for another year. Except for the two customary 30-person contests, nothing about the Royal Rumble, the following big event on the WWE calendar, has been made public. However, the occasion might serve as the setting for Bray Wyatt’s eagerly anticipated return to the ring.

A Pitch Black Match

The full Royal Rumble schedule is already laid out, according to WrestlingNews, and there is presently a battle on that schedule that is being referred to as a Pitch Black match. WWE’s sources did not specify the specifics of the new bout format, but it is anticipated that Wyatt will take part if it materialises.

The Eater of Worlds hasn’t actually competed in a match despite Wyatt making his WWE comeback at Extreme Rules more over a month ago. In reality, Wyatt won’t have wrestled in close to two years by the time the Royal Rumble takes place. Up until this point, the former WWE Champion had lost to Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37 and hadn’t competed since wrestled since being burned alive by Randy Orton the year prior at TLC.

Bray Wyatt’s First Opponent

The most likely opponent for Wyatt right now, should there be a Pitch Black match at Royal Rumble, is LA Knight. The first conflict between the two since Wyatt’s comeback has been playing out on SmackDown. Another concern totally is if that can continue for the next two months, especially if Wyatt isn’t going to wrestle.

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That might imply that Wyatt wrestles prior to that. Whether it be during a SmackDown episode or possibly when WWE visits India for a sizable show, which is currently scheduled for January. Fans may be riveted by the Knight storyline, but Wyatt will eventually need to wrestle again, and doing so will be difficult in a new gimmick match might be the perfect way to reintroduce him to the ring.


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