WWE Posts Video Of Dominik And Ripley Attacking His Family During Thanksgiving Dinner

WWE Posts Video Of Dominik And Ripley Attacking His Family During Thanksgiving Dinner

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The storyline involving Rey Mysterio and Dominik was furthered by WWE on social media on Thursday. The video demonstrates that Rey can’t escape the drama that Dom and Rhea Ripley bring with them or the problems she’s stirring up when it comes to Judgment Day dividing the Mysterio family, even though the father and son no longer perform on the same brand each week.

Rhea and Dom are seen in the video heading to Dominik’s home for Thanksgiving dinner. Despite the fact that he was obviously not invited, Dom seemed to relish the opportunity to interrupt the family’s supper and acted as if Ripley was the family’s first introduction to him. It was set up to look like Dom was inviting his girlfriend to meet the parents at their home. First to respond, Rey’s wife remarked it wasn’t a good time and questioned his presence. She continued by saying that she would have to grab Rey and shut the door. When Rey returned, he warned Dominik not to act foolishly or insensitively at this time. He tried to shut the door, but Ripley and Dominik were there.

Dom started to kick and strike Rey in the leg. Rey is currently out of commission due to an injury, so he first smashed a picture of his father and son over the boot before dragging his father over to the stairwell and smashing a wooden broom over the boot. Dom and Rhea didn’t leave until they felt they had caused enough harm, leaving Rey’s wife to check on him and the video to end.

Will WWE Play This On Television?

It’s probable that WWE will show this footage once more, perhaps on SmackDown or Raw. Simply said, it seemed like the production team intended to maintain the Dominik and Rey plot and believed that crashing Thanksgiving dinner would do so. This could have been another tactic to keep Rey away for a little while longer since he won’t be coming back for a while. If WWE shows this on television and gives the impression that these two are going to fight, it will make sense.

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