WWE Officially Changes Sarah Logan’s Name To Valhalla

WWE Officially Changes Sarah Logan's Name To Valhalla

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WWE no longer employs Sarah Logan. Her name has been altered officially, and she will now go by the name Valhalla while she is back and working with The Viking Raiders. On Friday’s SmackDown programme, Michael Cole made reference of the name change, stating that the WWE Superstar, once known as Sarah Logan, will now use the game the gods have given her.

The hall of murdered warriors, known as Valhalla in Norse mythology, dwell there contentedly under the rule of the deity Odin. The word is closely associated with many Viking shows and the warriors who portray those characters in the genre, but it’s unclear if that’s where WWE is going with this. According to Britannica, Valhalla is shown as a magnificent mansion where the warriors spend every day feasting on a freshly slaughtered boar, drinking liquor that flows from the udder of a goat, and fighting one another for sport.” It is a compound noun composed of the words valr, meaning “the fallen,” and höll, meaning “hall.” In other words, Valhalla means “hall of the fallen.”

where the soldiers live at a place where they feast on freshly killed pigs, drink goat’s milk alcohol, and engage in sport battles with one another every day. Its constituent parts are the terms valr, which means “the fallen,” and höll, which means “hall.” Valhalla’s meaning is “hall of the fallen,” in other words.

It Is A Big Step Up For The Raid

In essence, it seems like Logan has taken on more of a managerial role and is now the team’s captain. She serves as both their leader and, in some ways, their moral compass. They comply with her orders because they are those of a higher power. There is no doubt that this team is much more dominant than in the past. They have undergone change, and WWE appears to be amplifying their ferocity.


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