WWE Has Already Changed Mia Yim’s Name Back Again

WWE Has Already Changed Mia Yim's Name Back Again

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This month, Mia Yim became the most recent wrestler to join Triple H’s WWE roster after being released. The former NXT Superstar joined The OC, and this weekend at WarGames, she will compete alongside Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss. In other Yim-related news, this week saw a name change for the returning wrestler—or did it?

Mia Yim Or Michin?

While Vince McMahon was the CEO of WWE, name changes were frequent, thus it was anticipated that they would become less frequent now that he is no longer in charge. Because of this, it’s likely that some fans were shocked to learn that Michin would replace Yim going ahead. Yim had disclosed it as her nickname when she returned to Raw, and it is Korean for “mad.”

When Yim’s WWE.com page was updated and this week’s Raw announcers referred to her by the new name, the nickname evolved into more than that. Then, it seems as though WWE changed Yim’s name back just as everyone was becoming familiar with it. On WWE.com, Yim is once more listed as Mia Yim, so we’ll have to wait and see which name announcers use when she competes at Survivor Series this Saturday.

Nicknames In The OC

Yim revealed the name’s origins and the fact that her mother had called her Michin ever since she was a young child when Fightful enquired about it. The former Knockout clarified that everyone else in The OC had a moniker, so it only made logical that she had one as well when asked why she wanted to use it in WWE. The problem is that nobody else in the group goes by the nickname in public, thus a full WWE name change is probably unnecessary.

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Since the new leadership took over, name changes, and more notably their reversal, have been a heated topic in WWE. Nikki ASH is once again Nikki Cross, Theory has reclaimed his first name, and Doudrop disclosed that she has spoken with Triple H about potentially going by Piper Niven again like she did in NXT UK.


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